Overhead Crane Casting Crane With Hook Foundry Capacity From 5t To 320t

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Casting crane is the main equipment of steelmaking and continuous casting process.It is mainly used for lifting and transportation of liquid s teel ladle.

Overall structure of casting crane can be divided into double girder double-track, four beams and four-track, four-beam rail and other types.  The first two are genrally used for large tonnage crane, and the third is generally used for large tonnage of foundry crane.

Casting crane manufactured by our company has features of advanced technology, novel structure, safe and reliable performance, economy and durable, and easy maintenance.

In addition, our casting crane offers the following features to be selected: 

  1. rotary spreader

  2. hook distance can be variable.

  3. loading capacity can be displayed.

Henan modern heavy industry & technology co., ltd manufactures 5t to 320t casting crane, if you are interested in this crane, contact us info@cranes-china.com


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