Precautions And Safety Skills In Crane Driving

- Sep 09, 2017 -

Notice during crane driving

1, manual shift, pay attention to increase or decrease by file.

2, crane in case of abnormal sound, odor, abnormal vibration, acceleration abnormalities, or steering wheel, brake abnormal, should be slowed down immediately, and the vehicle parked in a safe position inspection.

3, pay attention to the crane dashboard instructions, including two needle barometer, oil pressure gauge, water temperature meter, etc., indicating that data must meet the relevant requirements.

4, climbing should be early downshift, in order to reduce the load of the engine and drive system.

5, if there is oil breaking during the trip, the air may enter the fuel system, such as after the fuel can not start the engine, then the fuel system exhaust.

Crane safety skills

1, crane uphill parking and rain and snow days parking, to keep a long distance with the front and rear vehicles.

2, when the car has stopped, the parking brake handle will be pulled back to the locked state; if the ramp stops, then the wheel should be placed in front and back block.

3. The transmission lever must be placed in neutral position when parking.

4, before the engine flameout, to gently step on the accelerator pedal 2 times to 3 times, so that the engine parts can be fully lubricated engine oil. Keep the engine empty for minutes, and then stop the engine when the temperature of the cooling system drops.

5, at night on the road temporarily parked vehicles, should open dangerous warning light.

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