Refinement Is The Key Direction Of Crane Industry Development

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Recently, China accounted for four of the world's top 10 companies in the construction machinery crane industry.Among them, xugong group, the largest engineering machinery company in the country, came in third, and zoomlion, sany group, and digger were fifth, seventh and tenth respectively.The Chinese crane industry will play an increasingly important role on the world stage.

Although our country has become the world's largest market, the largest small tonnage crane crane product exporter, but a large tonnage crane competitiveness is still insufficient, engine, hydraulic parts and electrical control system is still developing.The technical breakthrough about large tonnage counting on more technical strength of the domestic large enterprises, because of the large-tonnage product is technical guidance, small and medium enterprises will lack of precipitation technology and financial support.

The products of xugong, zoomlion, sany, and the digging heavy industry have all breached the kiloton scale.It is said that the four enterprises in the first square of the crawler crane enterprises have achieved the technological breakthrough better.Single look from scale, truck crane occupy a larger share of the market, therefore, for the first echelon of the four companies, both inside and outside and repair is even more important, not only to face fierce competition from the domestic market scale, more firm in the face of international technological competition, to some extent, the overseas market share is the decisive factor for the future development of construction machinery enterprises.

With the construction of national power, petrochemical, steel, transportation and other infrastructure, China will expand rapidly with crane market.The trend of large-scale cranes has become an irreversible fact.In addition, crane enterprise can through completes the production and marketing coordination, guarantee the implementation of the contract, to achieve timely delivery of the products, to build maintenance outlets overseas, strengthen after-sales service of export products, improve the recognition of overseas customers, continuously improve after-sales process, enlarge market share increase in service.

At present, the market segment of the market has been emerging, and refinement is the key direction of the future development of the enterprise.Therefore, to provide specialized products for customers in different fields, meeting their special needs to the greatest extent has become the key content of the next development of most brands.It is not only the lifting industry is moving towards the customer-oriented marketing concept, the whole engineering machinery industry is constantly upgrading the sales concept and transforming the development mode.

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