Small Sense Of Crane In The Daily Use Of The Notice.

- Sep 09, 2017 -

Although the crane is a huge equipment, but for its use, but need to understand more little knowledge, common sense.

1. crane is a kind of lifting and horizontal moving material handling machinery.

2. the blade of the grab plate is badly damaged and must be repaired or replaced urgently.

3. forging hook stress print rated starting weight, and number of markers in the low standard.

4., the cable lubrication should pay special attention not to leak, such as balance pulley and so difficult to approach parts.

5. the short type of hook in the crane can only be used for smaller lifting weights.

The lifting mechanism and luffing mechanism 6., can not use wire rope knotted long.

7., check the plate hook, found that the surface of the hook must be replaced in time.

8. crane level is the parameter that indicates the degree of heavy crane work.

9. the quality of the lifting electromagnet shall be included in the crane's rated lifting capacity.

10., in order to prevent self decoupling, the hook should be equipped with safety devices to prevent the suspension from accidental lifting.

11. cranes with higher lifting height shall have devices or measures to prevent the rotation of wire ropes and slings

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