Structure Of Port Crane

- Sep 09, 2017 -

The use of port cranes in ports is very important, and plays an important role in loading and unloading ships and vehicles. Port loading and unloading are relatively large objects, but also a relatively heavy task, and manpower can not do, we must use mechanical equipment.

Port crane is a repetitive, short mechanical equipment, is a cyclical movement. For example, the lifting mechanism is composed of the lifting and lowering of the goods and the lifting and lowering of the no-load feeding device. In each working cycle of the crane, the relevant working mechanism must make a forward and reverse movement. There are many kinds of lifting machinery, but in terms of its basic composition, the working mechanism, metal structure and power unit are usually parts. Different lifting machines have different working mechanisms and can be used for different operation movements.

The metal structure of crane is an important structure to support crane. The boom, herringbone frame, turntable, door frame or frame are all made of metal structure. They are firm, safe, easy to damage and have great support.

Power system is one of the most important systems, and it has a great connection with the performance of crane. Power and control system is the core of crane. In addition, the crane also needs to install some safety devices to improve safety performance. And for crane management, should have special maintenance, avoid parts damage, and reduce safety problems.

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