The First Box Girder In Urumqi Dongerhuan Ii Has Been Successfully Set Up

- Sep 29, 2017 -

At 12:28 noon on August 13, the first box girder of the golden sand street viaduct was firmly set on the no. 0 bridge and no. 1 pier, so as to announce the success of the first box beam.

The total bridge of the golden beach street viaduct bridge is a total of 13 lines. The upper structure is the 12th joint of the prestressed concrete continuous box girder, and the other joint is the prestressed concrete assembly box girder. The bridge is 32.5 meters wide.

The beam is 1-1 to the left, with a total 30 meters of prefabricated box beams and 480 pieces.

The lifting work is all done by henan modern crane co. LTD.

Under the pressure of tight deadlines, heavy tasks and difficult construction, the main leaders of a branch are going to the first floor every day to plan, manage, monitor and allocate the whole process of the construction of box girders.

During the construction process, technical personnel, safety quality training and safety quality control should be strengthened to ensure that the safety quality of the construction safety of the girders can be controlled smoothly.

At the same time, technical personnel are required to follow the whole process to strengthen on-site technical guidance and safety supervision;

Carefully implement the construction plan, strictly follow the operation of the beam, ensure the location of the box beam is not deviated, and ensure the smooth operation of the girder.

The erection of the bridge also marks the construction stage of the bridge.

It is also a good start for the labor competition to build a solid foundation for the next construction of the project.

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