The Main Factors Affecting The Maintenance Of Engineering Machinery Management

- Nov 16, 2017 -

At present, the management and maintenance of engineering machinery in construction seriously restricts the improvement of construction enterprises' engineering benefits, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1.Weak mechanical equipment management, affecting normal construction order.In the process of construction, engineering projects tend to be more extensive, mechanical equipment and personnel are frequently transferred.Management blindly downsizing mechanical equipment management organization and management personnel, or will its functions into other departments in charge, lead to disconnect between management and operational level, the construction enterprise equipment management power is weak.There are quite a number of construction enterprise is not form a complete and strict mechanical equipment management system, for mechanical equipment parameter, technical data archive management system is not sound, mechanical equipment management confusion, seriously affect the normal construction of the project.

2.The implementation of mechanical equipment maintenance system is not in place, resulting in reduced mechanical equipment integrity.Construction enterprises in equipment management use is often heavy use light maintenance, although a personal mechanism degree, ignored the mechanical equipment maintenance system of human activity conditionality, can not clear to people.The operator is only paying attention to the use and cannot deal with the problems in time.In addition, the mechanical equipment failure in need of repair, many maintenance personnel is not strong sense of responsibility, coping strategy, not fundamentally solve the problem of failure, "headache cure head, the foot painful medicine foot", equipment failure caused by the growing and development.When problems arise, operators and repairmen tend to pass the buck to each other and fail to realize the importance of the problem.This not only affects the quality and progress of the construction, but also increases the cost of repair and operation, which makes the service life and safety of the mechanical equipment reduced.

3.The use of mechanical equipment is not standardized, and the aging of mechanical equipment is accelerated.As part of the operating personnel of construction technology, equipment use knowledge know very little, especially short-term hire personnel's technical quality is low, does not pay attention to the specific conditions of construction and operation method, blindly rushing, rob progress, make the mechanical equipment has been overloaded, or "disease" job status, and even illegal operation conditions, thereby speeding up the machinery and equipment wear and aging.In addition, after the completion of the project, the equipment cannot be seriously maintained, maintained and overhauled according to regulations. After being deployed to the new project, mechanical equipment often fails.It has cost a lot of energy and high cost to renovate, and seriously misused the normal construction period.

4.Neglect the replacement of mechanical equipment, resulting in low construction efficiency and lower competitiveness.At present, some construction enterprises don't pay much attention to the failure and aging of mechanical equipment, and the replacement of mechanical equipment is slow.Some managers only focus on short-term economic benefit, convenience, not to consider the overall performance of mechanical equipment, a policy of "robbing Peter to pay Paul", or even violate the relevant provisions of the state continues to use the old machinery and scrap, the mechanical failure rate is greatly increased.Not only brings to the construction personnel security threats, and overall construction efficiency is low, the overall construction cost increase, the result is engineering yields are low, less competitive enterprises, ultimately affect the development of the entire enterprise.

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