The Operation Mode And Development Trend Of Cranes

- Sep 28, 2017 -

In recent years, with the development and progress of science and technology, cranes have also been used in more fields. Especially in construction projects, docks and other places, particularly prominent. At this time, people began to focus not only on mechanical use, but also began to pay more attention to the operation and safety of machinery. Today we will explain the operation of the crane and its development trend:

Cranes operate in many ways, usually within the driver's cab. They can also be operated by buttons on the ground. They can also be wired or remotely controlled. When you want to complete the job of a fixed program, you can use the program control method to automatically complete a variety of actions.

Crane failure will cause accidents and economic losses, the significant person so equipped with safety devices of various crane on the crane, such as to prevent the load limiter overload, travel switch or heavy car sling position limits, crane, crane was blown away from the crane rail clamping device, and signal device etc.. The crane should pay attention to the overall stability, that is to ensure that it does not occur under the action of external load.

The main development trend of the crane is developing more reasonable metal structure and components, in order to reduce the metal consumption; the development of great weight of the crane; improve work speed, expand the range of speed; vibration analysis; improve the reliability and the service life of metal structure and electrical equipment; improving the operating conditions. To ensure safe operation to improve the automatic control level and expand the scope of use of remote control system especially to apply them to the metallurgical crane frequent warehouse stacker crane and harsh environment of the.

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