What Type Of Boom Can Be Equipped On The Crane?

- Nov 20, 2017 -

    Crane is a very common lifting equipment, it can be used in various occasions, but also on the port of the ship. The crane boom device can be divided into two types, namely, the light boom and heavy boom to send, the lifting weight of the corresponding boom is also different.

   In general, a crane with a lifting weight of under 10 tons is configured as a light boom unit and a crane with a lifting capacity exceeding 10 tons is a heavy boom unit. If it is applied to a ship at a port, the lifting capacity of the crane boom is determined according to the purpose of the ship.

    General cargo light bar single lever operation from the weight of 3 to 5 tons, double-lever operation of 1.5 to 3 tons; and 10,000-ton dry cargo ship single-lever operation of the lifting capacity up to 10 tons, double-lever operation up to 5 tons . Modern multi-purpose vessels are required to load and unload containers, and the boom should be capable of lifting at least 20 feet of container.

    For cranes equipped with heavy boom, it is usually used for loading and unloading heavy machinery such as large machinery, rolling stock and other heavy goods, general cargo ships only set 1 to 2, the lifting capacity of mostly 10 to 60 tons, there are 60 ~ 150 tons, a few up to 300 tons.

    In fact, crane with our common cranes are different, its compact structure, will not take up too much space for the impact of sight is also very small. And crane operation will be very simple, and loading and unloading efficiency is also high, and flexible, there is no cumbersome preparation before the job, the application is increasingly widespread.

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