Where Is The Port Crane Overhead Crane Point?

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Port machinery is the general name of the port operating equipment, and different machines have their own dust collection point is different, it is necessary to understand this point, in order to take targeted measures to avoid dust pollution caused by the operating environment.

As a bridge crane for port machinery, it may drop materials from the grab bucket to the hopper during operation. The drop of the material causes disturbance to the surrounding air. When the disturbed air current is moving, the small particles will fly and produce Dust. When the material falls into the bunker, the potential energy is released. After the bounce collides with the subsequent falling materials, a large amount of dust will be generated at the blanking point.

When the lower part of the hopper vibrates to convey the material to the three-way chute of the belt conveyor, a large amount of dust will also be generated due to the collision between the materials, the friction and the impact between the material and the chute, etc., When expected, dust will fly from the interface, overflow, which will become the port of the second major dust pickup point.

Also, when the material falls from the three-way chute into the chute of the conveyor belt, the material falls into the chute of the belt conveyor in the chute to release the potential energy of the material. The material and the material, the material and the chute, the material and the guide Frequent collision between the trough wall, friction, the same will produce a lot of dust, trough poor guidance in the case, the dust will delay the trough and belt conveyor interface spilled, overflow.

These are basically common dust points in port machinery. In order to avoid unnecessary pollution to the environment, dust prevention measures should be taken in these areas to reduce the dust scattering and spilling in the air. Other equipment is the same, you must first find out the dust spots can be the best answer.

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